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Know Your Danger Zones

No matter how serious you are about watching your weight, practicing portion control, and maintaining good eating habits, it’s easy to find yourself in certain situations that can really test your willpower. Here are some common “danger zones” to watch out for when you’re trying to stick to a healthy, low-calorie eating plan.

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How Do You Stay Motivated?

To help you keep your motivational MoJo going we gathered some good tips to help keep you moving forward. Additionally we added some tips we collected from other Lap-Band Patients that shared with us how they kept themselves motivated. Add a few of these tips in places around the house, car or work space as a reminder to keep your chin up, you will get there, don't lose hope!

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Tips for Building a Healthier Salad

Nothing sounds healthier than a salad, right? It may be, but not if you add the wrong ingredients. After that salad is loaded down with goodies like cheese, croutons, fatty meats and creamy dressings, you may have saved more calories if you had the hamburger. That's not to say that either one was a very good choice for a smart weight loss plan. Don't be fooled by this proverbial wolf in sheep's salad dressing. That said, don't give up on salads — they can be a filling, low-cal option and a great way to satisfy your daily vegetable requirements. Just follow these guidelines for making the perfect healthy salad — and you'll never have to worry again.

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Feeling Hungry After Eating? Use These Tricks to Eliminate False Hunger

Why Am I still Hungry After I have Just Eaten? Hey! I thought I would not be hungry after eating now that I have a Lap Band! What gives? This may be what you are thinking and possibly a bit upset and confused. But there is a reasonable explanation for still feeling hungry and a way to resolve this issue from adding some fill to your band to making better choices in the foods you choose to eat and how you eat them.

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What Does 200 Calories Look Like?

You’ve probably heard that 200 calories is about right for a snack, but finding something that comes in at or just under that number isn’t always easy. Unless a food comes in a box or a bag with a handy nutrition label, knowing how many calories one serving can have could present a challenge. We compiled a very eye-opening list of 200 calorie foods by volume and nutrient density.

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Six Weeks to a Healthy Diet | Week 6 | Shaking the Salt

This six week course will guide you to making the small changes in your lifestyle that you can stick with a lifetime. Each week will focus on a lesson, quiz and assignment to put it into action.

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