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Walk Talk Day 54 – Walking When It’s Windy and Mall Walking

||||Walk Talk Day 54 – Walking When It’s Windy and Mall Walking

Walk Talk Day 54 – Walking When It’s Windy and Mall Walking

Walk Talk

Day 54 – Walking When It’s Windy and Mall Walking

Affirmation of the Day

The Time is Now, The Power is Me! I attract to me all that I need and desire in this lifetime in order to fulfill my soul contract and ultimate destiny.

 Today’s Walk Fat-Burning Walk:

  • 40-75 minute walk in the fat-burning zone at 60-70% of your maximum heart rate
  • Warm up with 5 minutes at a very easy pace
  • Find a safe spot with a wall or pole to do a 5 minute easy stretching routine
  • Now resume your walk at a comfortable pace
  • End with 5 minutes of gentle stretching


Walking in the Wind

Walking in very windy weather can be very unpleasant and present new challenges. If you are willing to brave the wind the best strategy is to walking into the wind at the start of your walk so you can finish with the wind at your back. In high winds, avoid areas with trees or make it an inside-workout day.

Get Motivated to Mall Walk

Mall walking is the practice of exercising in a shopping mall. Some people walk in malls to avoid extreme weather. For others it is an opportunity to exercise with friends in an environment that allows them to shop and socialize in a food court. Exercising in a mall is an especially popular activity for older people because it is a safe environment with moderate temperatures and a more relaxed atmosphere than a busy gym or a high traffic street. Mall walking organizations bring people together to exercise and also plan mall health fairs.

One of the reasons people exercise in a mall is to continue their walking routines when the outside weather becomes extreme. In a mall, people benefit from moderate temperatures. Long hallways and staircases present opportunities for aerobic exercise. Some malls are open before and after store hours and allow mall walking groups and individuals to get a full workout. In some cases, mall walkers carry hand and ankle weights, while others jog for more strenuous exercise.

Mall walking is also a popular activity for those who enjoy combining exercise with shopping. Friends can meet at the mall before it opens to benefit from exercise and then spend time shopping together and eating in the food court. Mall walking is also an attractive activity for people who do not enjoy the gym environment and who prefer to get exercise in other ways. Walking in a mall is also a way to multitask for those who want to both shop and exercise.

Shopping malls around the world open their doors early for walkers. What makes this a perfect match? Mall walkers may come for the exercise and stay for the friends they make.

  • Out of the weather: Inside a climate controlled mall, walkers can dress comfortably and not worry about wind, rain, snow, ice, heat.
  • Safe walking at night: If you can only walk at night mall walking offers a safe well lit place with security guards.
  • Away from the traffic: No intersections to cross, broken glass or bushes obstructing the path, auto fumes or rush hour.
  • Security: Walking with others and with mall security on duty.
  • Restrooms and water: always nearby in the mall.

Clubs and Benefits for Mall Walkers

Besides these advantages, many malls actively encourage walkers with walking clubs, discounts, health check-ups, and mileage rewards. Often the walking club or program is sponsored by a local medical center. Membership is usually free and more information on joining may be found at the mall information kiosk. Walkers may receive a pin, t-shirt or visor to identify them. The mall merchants may provide discounts, rewards for mileage achieved, and giveaways.

Shopping mall walking is also a popular activity for older people. Exercising at a constant temperature and away from various elements, including rain, wind, and the hot sun, can be beneficial for the elderly. Being away from city traffic and crosswalks is also important for older people who may not be able to walk as quickly. Meeting friends at a mall presents an opportunity for seniors to socialize and also benefit from health screening services.

Pluses for Mall Walkers

Walkers get a jump on other shoppers as the stores finally open in the morning, a big advantage during the holiday shopping season. No wonder mall merchants support walking programs, it ensures loyal customers who return several times a week.

Free blood pressure checks, low cost or free cholesterol screenings, presentations by health and exercise experts are other perks for mall walkers. The mall walking club may organize to take groups to charity walking events or other organized outdoor walks.

Drawbacks to Mall Walking

Drawbacks to mall walking are the monotony. Even in larger mall, a half hour to an hour walk will mean several loops past the same (closed) stores. The surface is also very hard, often concrete. Mall walkers do not tend to be walking for speed, so those who want to set a more vigorous pace may feel out of place.

Are there any rules I have to follow to mall walk?

Be very nice, which isn’t quite a rule, but if you are nice to the merchants, the mall, and other walkers, it will be a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Find out if your local mall has a walking program

Check with your local mall at the information booth to find out what their program is for mall walking. Usually the mall will open early for walkers. But they may have identification buttons and goodies for walkers who join their walking program.