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One of the many benefits of being a Dr. Kuri patient is having access to social media online. Our online community of close-knit Bandsters is an invaluable resource to gain support, access to patient education documents, references, resources, and insight from other Kuri patients about their own true life experiences with the Lap Band.

If you are considering Lap Band surgery with Dr Kuri, our online community is a great place to browse and ask former patients questions to help determine if gastric banding surgery with Dr. Kuri is the best possible weight loss solution for you.

To join and participate, please click the following links listed below:

Quick Reference:

  • Interact with other Bandsters at different stages of the process for support or information about successful banded living
  • Read through testimonials of patients who have achieved or surpassed their weight loss goals through the guidance and support of Dr. Kuri and his staff.
  • Access The Kuri Family of Bandsters Online Cook Book.
  • Review important tips, including the 10 Lap Band Rules.
  • Find other Bandsters close to home through our Regional Lap Band Support Group Section so you can work with others in your area towards achieving your own weight loss goals.
  • Contact your Patient Facilitator or Patient Education Coordinator to find answers to tough questions.
  • Dr. Kuri encourages all of his patients, their family and friends, and those considering Lap Band surgery to engage with our online community. Dr. Kuri, his staff, and the entire community of Bandsters are here to support you in your weight loss and healthy living endeavors