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Intuitive Eating

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Intuitive Eating – Part 1 Introduction – What Is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive Eating is another piece of the weight management puzzle. Intuitive Eating goes hand in hand with mindful eating and the two together will help you develop a better more natural relationship with your body and food. The Interesting thing about intuitive eating is we all at one time had the ability to do it automatically. This is the introduction to a seven part series on Intuitive Eating.

Intuitive Eating – Part 2 – Principle #1 – Reject the Diet Mentality

Stop worrying about weight. What I mean by that statement is I understand that most of us decided to get the Lap Band for the purpose of losing weight. But the only way to sustain any weight you will lose is by developing a different relationship with how you feed and honor your body. The diet mentality is often to do something drastic for a short period of time to reach a goal....and then slowly watch it backfire as you go back to your normal lifestyle. It is not healthy to diet that way, yet that is the prevalent message in our culture today. This is part 2 of a seven part series on intuitive eating

Intuitive Eating- Part 3 – Honor Your Hunger

How easily do you recognize your hunger signals? Do you know what hungry feels like, in comparison to reaching the point of wanting to inhale anything and everything? Do you know what satisfied feels like, versus stuffed too full or having to convince yourself you have eaten enough? Hunger and fullness are two physiological signs that we should be able to easily recognize, but many of us do not.

Intuitive Eating – Part 4 – Make Peace with Food.

Often times it is easy to get caught up in advise or rules from this diet program or that diet book in the quest to shed those unwanted pounds but what is often over looked is researching the "best" way to eat for health. When the focus is solely on weight loss and not the health of the body there can be a tendency to choose foods that are optimal or hindering for our goals. Figuring out all sorts of rules, tips, and guidelines about how to eat. But, do we really need all of that? At some point, the information stops being helpful and becomes hindering. It can lead to restrictions, burn-out, guilt and stress. This is Part 4 of a Seven part series on Intuitive Eating.

Intuitive Eating – Part Five – Challenging the Food Police

What is the food police? It is that inner voice that tells you you can't have certain foods, should be following particular dieting rules, and have to pay time in the prison of guilt for not eating the "right" thing. Almost all of us have a food police voice in our heads. It comes from all the information that we get over the years and adopt as law for how we eat.

Intuitive Eating – Part 6 – Principle 5: Feel Your Fullness

Think about the last meal you had. How did it end? Did you eat the amount you had planned for that particular meal and stop afterwards, despite still feeling like you could eat a little bit more? Did you serve yourself a large portion because your “eyes were bigger than your stomach”, but finished your plate anyways? Or did you eat until satisfied, even if it meant leaving food on your plate or going back for more?

Intuitive Eating – Part 7 – Discovering your Satisfaction Factor.

Do you think being satisfied after eating plays a role in controlling your hunger? How often do you overlook the pleasure of eating? Have you ever made the connection between being satisfied after eating and food cravings? How can you take steps to ensure you will be satisfied after a meal? This is the last part in a seven part series on Intuitive Eating